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How to find the cheapest car insurance quotes

Finding cheaper car insurance takes effort. Sorry, but it's best to be honest. First, you have to put yourselves in the shoes of the insurance companies; what they look at is risk and the lower the calculated risk of you being involved in a motor accident the less you will have to pay for your insurance policy. You therefore need to reduce that risk in order to qualify for the cheapest premiums. Some of the factors that insurance companies take into consideration when working out a premium are outside your control; but some you can change.

What constitutes a low risk client to an insurance company?

Ideally you should be middle-aged with many years of accident and conviction free driving with a safe office job which involves working during normal office hours only. You should live in a peaceful, crime free neighbourhood and your home should have a garage which your car would be kept in overnight. During the day it should be parked in a secure parking area at your place of work. Your car should have a fairly small engine, have a good safety record, and be not more than a few years old. You should of course insure it fully comprehensively. You should be rewarded with consistently low insurance quotations.

What constitutes a high risk client?

Heaven forbid you should be a young driver under the age of 21 with a souped up modified hot hatchback, a string of speeding convictions and the odd major accident or two. If you also live in a crime ridden inner-city, have a full-time job as a professional footballer but moonlight as a weekend DJ working the local pubs and clubs until the early hours you may well be lucky to get any insurance at any price!

So, what can you do to keep your risk down?

It's unlikely that you can change the place you live, and it is impossible for you to change your age. You can however take the following major steps which will encourage insurers to offer you lower premiums:

One) Pick the car you drive carefully and make sure that it has a low insurance rating. Do you really need such a huge, or highly tuned engine?

Two) Do not under any circumstances modified the car outside the makers' standards. Car insurers hate modifications.

Three) Try to at least park the vehicle on a driveway or other area in front of your house and not at the curbside. Vandals love easy targets.

Four) Avoid driving late at night or early in the morning, particularly at weekends. Statistics show a much greater risk of accidents at these times.

Five) If you are a young driver avoid carrying passengers as much as possible. Apart from the fact that they can cause distractions too many youngsters tend to show off behind the wheel in front of their friends with a resulting greater risk of having an accident.

Six) Again, young drivers should encourage a parent or other responsible, older person to also drive the vehicle and be included in the insurance cover. It is important that this person does actually drive it from time to time. Insurance companies like to feel that more experienced adults are taking an interest in the vehicle that they have issued a policy for.

Seven) Consider taking a Pass Plus course if you are a fairly new driver, or an advanced motoring course if you are more experienced.

Eight) Buy a decent car. Insurers are wary of cheap cars because they may be just clapped-out bangers which will not be properly maintained.

Nine) Get quotes for fully comprehensive insurance as well as third-party. It may appear bizarre that some insurers actually charge less for comprehensive cover, but many of them try to avoid the type of motorist who may be driving on a very tight budget for the same reason as (Eight) above.

Ten) Shop around for prices on car insurance price comparison websites but remember that most of the bigger ones are controlled by insurance companies who may not be terribly keen on giving you the best special offers from their competitors! Make sure that you get quotes from an independent insurer as well.

And finally ......

This should hardly need saying but I will anyway; drive carefully and within the law. Convictions and/or accidents can push up premiums to an eye watering degree.

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